Using SEO for Search Engine Money Online

Billy Bob is my name. Internet Marketing is my game. Google is usually the one to blame.. but yahoo is too plain. Making money online wont bring fame. Expert status is not what I claim. Reading this might bring pain. CPC isn’t what they claim. My rhyme here is getting pretty lame..

For real though, I run a SEO Podcast that is devoted to making money online for us nerds. It is not for all and pretty boring unless your into internet marketing and such. I like to keep it very clean cut and to point. That’s just how I am.

Suppose to Care?

Two different reasons drive you to this site. You either have come to learn cool things that I have to share regarding this topic. OR you are in need of my services. This platform is designed carefully to display both of those reasons. In order for people to trust what your service includes, you usually have to prove yourself as being a trustworthy resource. Take a look around and enjoy what I have to offer. I try to not give away too much while still helping others learn helpful information on their way to making real money online. Let me know what you think via the comment forms.

I have never been a good salesmen because I hate pushing people’s limits to buy something. I’m more or less the salesmen that tells you about the great product that I happened to of bought and recommend it to you. I don’t beg for subscribers in my podcast nor my blog posts and I probably never will. Good quality media doesn’t consist of people telling you to leave us comments and link to us. Blah Blah Blah! I hate that crap. I would rather watch a funny video on “guys getting kicked in the balls.”

My Favorite Resources

I have personally used these products or services and they mean a great deal to me. I have decided to share the ones that mean the most to me and have helped bring success to my internet marketing past. Take a look at St. Cloud SEO companies here. Take what you want from them, and be kind enough to share them if they bring you great results as well. Thank You!online money tools

Hostgator Hosting

This is the king of web hosting. They are a bit more hosting companies out there that offer the same package but the small things that count are going to come with hostgator. If your having issues like everyone does at times.. there is a direct chat that has saved me thousands of hours of my time. If they cannot offer a free service via free chat, they will then just charge a small fee and work with you through the process. Hands down the best hosting I have ever used.
WordPress Content Management

Bless your soul WordPress. I’m not sure who I love more.. My GF or WordPress..? Such a tough decision! This has made it possible to create huge websites with 1/4 of the time needed it would take to build a static HTML site. Such a beautiful process on how it works. If your still stuck in other website systems, I advise you move over to wordpress 10 minutes ago., I Love You

This is a super awesome tool and you can check the age of a domain. I did an awesome post on it here if you want more information on it. There were so many crappy tools out there fooling me on what was actually the domain age of a URL. It bugged me and I wasted hundreds of dollars on domains that were not really old in Google’s point of view. I highly advise it and I love it as I said below. There are a bunch of APIs to use to save time but that takes some advance knowledge on using different word docs and such. Look to future posts for it around here.

People are either going to come to you looking for answers or entertainment. I feel as if I’m on the answer side of the spectrum. I would not be good at turning such a technical perspective of SEO and websites into something very entertaining. I will leave that for E-Webstyle and their review begging antics. Hopefully I can grow a small community to start and then start interviewing like a lot of the other major SEOs with podcasts.

But Why Subscribe to SEO-Update?

I believe that this is another great guide out there for people to learn things in this industry. I am personally always keeping up on updates so I also desire to teach others what I learn as well. I wish I had some reason that blew that away like.. “I will send you 20 free emails with tips and tricks..” but I’m really not that type. I hate getting spam and the web could use as many people like that as possible.