The Search Engine Optimaztion as a Pyramid

The Search Engine Optimaztion as a Pyramid

Search Engine Optimization can be understood or displayed as a pyramid. As in a pyramid the base is the biggest and the apex is smallest same way in SEO we can divide a pyramid in four parts namely Content, Keywords, Links, Social with Content at the base and as we move on Social at the apex.

A. Content:- Accessible and Quality Content.

The Most Important is the content because it is what the user came for. The content should be genuine and of highest quality. It should connect to user and should be the answer to his/her question.

B. Keywords:- Keyword Research & Targeting

The second most important thing included in Search Engine Optimization is Keywords. The keywords used by you should properly related to the content you are posting and should not create any doubt in the readers mind and should not be haphazard in nature.

C. Links:- Link Building

Third thing that comprises of SEO pyramid is Link Building. One of the most basic step of Search Engine Optimization. Concentrate on it after content and keywords formation.

D. Social:- Social Promotion

Promoting your content or web-site on Social media comes the last. You should be able to engage your user who visited your site for the longest. And your social promotion on social networking sites like Facebok, twitter, etc. should be so powerful that it brings traffic back to your site.

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